The Threvartanarium

Let's Play!

The game is afoot!

Once your character is created, I'll run a game for you and (probably) one other player. This will help both of you get used to the game, and situated in the world. We'll have time to explore basic concepts, and try out the various phases of the game.

Most tabletop RPG's are meant to simulate an 'action-adventure' genre, and this campaign is no exception. Nearly every game session will involve aspects of mystery and danger; because of this, a session will generally cycle through three types of activity: Role-Playing, Exploration, and Combat. These are simplifications, and you'll encounter many types of situations, but generally, you can think of these three as the main ways you will be presented with challenges to overcome.

Furthermore, the game will usually follow a certain form or flow of interaction between the GM and the PC's, which I'll term 'phases'. It's helpful to think of these as parts of scenes in a play, or parts of chapters in a book, as they often follow many of the same conventions.

In the first phase, the GM will describe the situation. I'll give sensory details, and try to convey the mood of what's happening. (It's Exposition, basically).

After this, the PC's can ask questions, to further try to imagine what's happening.

Finally, the PC's act upon the situation.

  • In a Role-Playing situation, there may simply be dialog, and the situation is resolved by the interaction between the PC's and whoever they meet.
  • In an Exploration phase, PC's may use Skills or their own curiosity or cleverness to gather information or overcome obstacles and challenges.
  • Finally, in a Combat phase, the dice come out, and things will often (though not always) be trying to defeat you (if not outright kill you). Swing hard and swing often!

For your first game (and pretty much every game thereafter), you'll need:

  1.  Your imagination
  2. Your Character Sheet (which I'll help you get sorted)
  3.  A set of polyhedral, i.e. RPG dice (actually we've got tons of them but you'll officially be a nerd once you've gotten your own).



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