House Rules

House Rules



Choose Attributes according to 'modified 22-point buy' system (see below), and thought towards what Class you will play.

  • Choose a Race. Only 5 Races are allowed at the start of the campaign.

    • Human

    • Halfling

    • Elf

    • Half-Elf

    • Dwarf

  • Choose a Class. All Classes are allowed excepte the Gunslinger. Summoners are subject to GM approval. Most Archetypes are allowed, also subject to GM approval.

  • '22-point-buy' rules

    • All PC's start with Int 12

    • Standard point-buy costs apply, including Int 12 (so a 13 costs 1 pt., 14 costs 2 additional pts., etc.)

    • (Investigate point buy if Racial Bonuses are applied BEFORE point buy costs)

    • No dump stats unless justified to the GM first, especially Charisma

    • Only 1 stat over 16 allowed per PC, unless justified to GM

  • 'Every Point Counts' – rules for every odd-numbered score

    • STR – Carrying Capacity/Encumbrance

    • DEX – ? (Fumble severity reduction?)

    • CON – Death, (Stamina Check reduction?)

    • INT – Languages/Linguistics

    • WIS – ? (Insight ability?)

    • CHA – ? (Either Comeliness or Luck?)

  • 'Life Path' quiz

    • Players can either choose a Culture, Social Class, and Upbringing, or roll randomly on the tables.

  • All PC's choose one Drawback based on their Life Path

  • All PC's receive 3 Traits – 1 Cultural, 1 Social, and 1 Upbringing (more on this later)

  • Starting languages

    • All PC's begin play speaking Common (Avellim) and one language appropriate to their culture. Other languages are available as detailed below.

  • What Int 12 means

    • 1 language for every point over 10 (i.e., all PC's have at least 3 language points to spend)

    • language chosen must be either written or spoken

    • Linguistics Skill is sum total of languages EITHER written or spoken, unless it is both in regards to language similarity (+ Int Mod. + Class skill bonus, etc.)

  • Starting skills

    • All PC's start off with 2x their normal skill points. These are allotted in 2 'runs'. The first is (sometimes partially) chosen from a set of skills based on their Culture, Social Class, and Upbringing. The second is chosen from their standard class options.

  • Background skills

    • The optional rules for Background Skills will be used as PC's gain levels. This allows for more well-rounded character's that possess crafting, trade, and professional skills not normally invested in by adventurers.

    • After 1st Level, PC's gain skills according to their Class, and receive 2 extra Skill Points, to be chosen from Craft, Profession, Perform, or Lore skills.

  • Starting Equipment packages

    • Each PC will begin play with one set or armor, one primary weapon, one secondary weapon, a spell-book (if necessary), and personal belongings, the total worth of which will not exceed 150 gold pieces.

  • Blessings

    • The party as a whole will start out with a number of Blessings equal to the number of Players in the Campaign, to be used during the adventure (perhaps they are bestowed or refilled upon resting, or after being given healing or a boon by an ally…)

    • A Blessing can be used at any time during the adventure, but require the majority of the party to approve of its use. Party members may individually or collectively achieve the right to author a Blessing card at times.

  • Level-up Score Card:

    • Choose the Class you want to take a level in (subject to GM approval). For most PC's, this will be the next level in the Class you started in.

    • Add/Take Class Features (dependent on Class Level)

    • Add Hit Points (dependent on Class + CON bonus)

    • Add Skills (dependent on Class + INT bonus, +2 Background Skills)

    • Add BAB (Base Attack Bonus) and Saving Throws (dependent on Class Level)

    • Add Feats and Attribute Increases, depending on Character Level. This is the TOTAL level of your Character, including all Classes. Feats are gained at every ODD level (i.e. 3/5/7, etc.), and Attribute Increases at intervals on FOUR, i.e. 4/8/12, etc.)

    • Add Spells, if appropriate to your Class.

    • Tidy Up! Increase your attacks, your CMB and CMD, etc. Increase the DC of your Spells (if any), and note any bonuses or abilities granted by Class Features or Feats!


<u>Social Aspects:</u>


  • Talk to people: 'He who lives by the sword…" Most NPC's have a story to tell, or may at least be useful for information.


House Rules

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